Ryan 講師 退職のお知らせ

2023.03.03 [Fri] UPDATE

Grad Chat生各位


残念なお知らせですが、Ryan講師が3/9(木)のレッスンを最後に、Grad Chatチームを離れることになりました。




===== Message from Ryan =====

Hello everyone.

Saying goodbye is not easy, but I want to tell you that I am proud to be your Grad Chat teacher.

To all my little friends, I want to thank you for our beautiful lessons.

I enjoyed the games we played, the stories we shared, and the fun we had. To the loving parents, thank you for the trust to be part of your wonderful kids’ development.

I am lucky to be a Grad Chat teacher, and I will cherish you all and hope we can have more fun studying together soon.  

Thank you and Mabuhay! (long live!)