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Japanese Cultures that I like.

Hi everyone, my name is Yoon and I'm from South Korea!
South Korea is a neighboring country of Japan. Did you know that it is also the closest country to Japan geographically? That's why since I was young, I've been hearing a lot about Japan and I liked them!

I have been living here in Japan since last year and I experienced a lot of Japanese Cultures. I want to tell you all about it!

First, Japanese food. I love all kinds of Japanese food! Udon, Tonkatsu, Japanese curry, Tendon...I love all of them! (except Natto, I can't eat it XD)
My favorite Japanese food is Sushi! I love salmon sushi so on weekends, I usually go to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant and eat until my tummy is full.

Second, Japanese shrines. I'm usually an indoor person but when I go outside, I love to take a walk in nature. Therefore, Japanese shrines in a forest is a perfect place for me! I love the quiet atmosphere, the statues and religious tools that make me feel relaxed and mysterious. After I spend my time walking inside the shrine and come back to the noise of the city, it feels like I just came back from somewhere not on Earth. It is marvelous!, isn't it?

Last but not the least, Japanese games! I grew up watching my father play video games (it was a horror game XD). Now I play games on my own and I love it! I especially love Japanese games like Nintendo and PlayStation. Sometimes, I play Nintendo games like 'Mario Kart' or 'The Legend of Zelda' with my friends. Eating some snacks while playing games with my friends is so fun! It makes me feel relaxed, comfortable, and ready for another day.

Those were the Japanese Cultures that I love. Thank you for reading my story and I hope to meet you in class soon! Have a wonderful day, everyone!